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Passenger Ride Services

We arrive in minutes

1. Book On-Demand Bag Ride 

We arrive to you to pickup your bags.

2. Storage

Bag(s) will be tagged, secured & safely stored with us. 

3. Enjoy

Enjoy your time without the weight of your luggage!

4. Bag(s) Ride Return.

As soon as your ready, we will drop-off your bag(s) to your on-demand location.


Elevating Luggage Service with On-Demand Bag Rides 

Same Challenges. Better Solutions.


Arrived early and unable to Check-in with your luggage?

With on-demand bag rides  you can ditch your bag(s) within minutes. When ready, we will meet you at your stay with your bag(s).


Stuck with your bag(s) due to an early Check-out?

 At checkout, we meet you to pickup your bag(s). We hold them until your ready. Then, give your bag(s) an on-demand return ride back to you. 

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The ultimate luggage service provides an on-demand ride for your bag(s) to/from your current location. We come pickup your bags and give them a ride to be stored. Then, once your ready, we give your bag(s) a ride back to your on-demand location of your choosing. We enable you, the exploring traveler, the opportunity to check-in and check-out from your stay without having to haul around or retrieve your bag(s), giving you more time for leisure.

Click on “book now” and fill in the details requested on the booking page. Your bag(s) thank you for their ride.

We understand life changes at a fast pace. To help you make the most of your trip, just send us a text at 843-571-9807(8) and we will update your booking promptly.

On the booking page, you may pay online with your preferred credit or debit card when prompted.
*Cash payments are not available to ensure insurance of your bag(s).

All your luggage and bag(s) are secured with security-tag seals through the zippers of the bag(s), ensuring that no one opens or tampers with your contents. Each bag-tag has a unique number identifier given to you. This helps ensure safety, security, and accurate return of your luggage.

We understand your time is valuable. You may decide below with your preferred method.
1. Book Online
   Easily book with the device of your choice: mobile phone, desktop, tablet.
2. Feel free to contact us, 843-571-9807(8)

We are here to serve you.

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