About us

Our Story and Mission

It all started when...

We flew overnight, arrived to our vacation destination, and were unable to checkin to our stay. After flying overnight, we were quite exhausted and ready to relieve ourselves of our bags.
As much as we understood that the host needed time to prepare for our stay, we thought it would be wonderful if someone would eliminate the weight of bags from our hands.

We dragged around our luggage from one spot to another until several hours had passed and when we were able to check-in and truly start our vacation. Then, at check out time, deja vu, the same luggage “ball-and-chain” challenge happened again.

We had a wonderful trip despite the additional hauling of our bags, but we imagined a more seamless solution to this issue with bags. From this experience, Buggage was created to help eliminate bag-hauling and bag-sitting, allowing travelers freedom to fully enjoy their vacation with leisure and relaxation.


Our values

Elevated Service

Elevated Service

In fulfilling client preferences with updatable booking times and updatable locations



Service and staff, cultivating relationships for life



Better planning and precautionary measures implemented to ensure the care of clients and their possessions